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11 Aug 2023Newzoo’s Global Games Market Report 2023Gaming
29 Jun 2023The industry behind the industry behind AIOutsourcing
16 Jun 2023AI Leapfrogging: How AI Will Transform “Lagging” IndustriesAI/ML
2 Jun 2023What working at Figma taught me about customer obsessionProduct
22 May 2023How China’s ShareIt became the world’s go-to file-transfer appConsumer
15 May 2023AI's loneliness crisisAI/ML
10 May 2023How Blockchain Gaming Founders Should Think About User AcquisitionGaming
8 May 2023Once darlings of investors, Africa’s B2B e-commerce startups are struggling to surviveB2B
28 Apr 2023Yuval Noah Harari argues that AI has hacked the operating system of human civilisationAI/ML
27 Apr 2023Ray Dalio - What I Think Is Going On 1) with China-US Relations, 2) with Their Relations with Other Countries, and 3) in ChinaEconomy
22 Apr 2023The Next Era of Gaming and AI: And Why We’re (Even More) Bullish on GamesGaming
21 Apr 2023The never-ending brilliance of board gamesGaming
19 Apr 2023The top 20 zero-trust startups to watch in 2023Cybersecurity
11 Apr 2023AI is already taking video game illustrators’ jobs in ChinaAI/ML
7 Apr 2023Wanted: people who can learn to make €22,000 handbagsConsumer
2 Apr 2023How AI is transforming fraud prevention in ecommerceCybersecurity
29 Mar 2023Which will grow faster: India or Indonesia?Economy
24 Mar 2023How brands can better navigate the 2023 e-commerce landscape in ChinaeCommerce
24 Mar 2023The Mega Guide: China E-Commerce, Marketing and Digital Space 2023eCommerce
23 Mar 2023The Marketplace 100: A Glimpse Into the Future of CommerceTechnology Landscape
22 Mar 2023Bill Gates on AI and the rapidly evolving future of computingAI/ML
21 Mar 2023Learn how to work with the ChatGPT and GPT-4 models (preview)AI/ML
17 Mar 2023Arthur Hayes: Kaiseki - The Financial Markets and What to Expect Across Asset ClassesEconomy
17 Mar 2023The Generative AI Revolution will Enable Anyone to Create GamesGaming
10 Mar 2023How Mastercard, Goldman Sachs And Other “TradFi” Titans Are Using Blockchain To Rewire Global FinanceBlockchain
4 Mar 2023Dan Wang: 2022 LetterEconomy
28 Feb 2023Startup Decoupling & ReckoningInvesting
25 Feb 2023David Layton on Being an Outbound Global Driven FirmInvesting
24 Feb 2023ChatGPT Heralds an Intellectual RevolutionAI/ML
24 Feb 2023Moving On Up: Exploring the Move Smart Contract LanguageBlockchain
23 Feb 2023Introducing BaseBlockchain
21 Feb 2023Content is King, AgainDigital Media
20 Feb 2023Hong Kong Proposes Rules for Crypto Trading PlatformsBlockchain
16 Feb 2023Throughout the rich world, the young are falling out of love with carsEconomy
11 Feb 2023The Developing Country Industrialization seriesEconomy
11 Feb 2023Ben Evans - The New GatekeepersTechnology Landscape
11 Feb 20232023 is a make-or-break year for blockchain gaming: Play-to-ownBlockchain
7 Feb 2023Big Data is DeadTechnology Landscape
6 Feb 2023The Four Horsemen of the Tech RecessionTechnology Landscape
2 Feb 2023Experts predict 2023 alternative protein trendsAlternative Protein
1 Feb 2023Rory Johnston – Oil & Gas Industry Crash CourseEnergy
31 Jan 2023Hong Kong Monetary Authority - Conclusion of Discussion Paper on Crypto-assets and StablecoinsBlockchain
30 Jan 2023Howard Marks: The Most Important Question Is Whether We’re Going to Have StagflationEconomy
26 Jan 2023Have economists misunderstood inflation?Economy
21 Jan 2023A Global Perspective on the Car ShortageMobility
12 Jan 2023Talking AI with AIAI/ML
11 Jan 2023The App Tracking Transparency recessionAdvertising
11 Jan 2023Intrinsic value and the equity risk premiumFinancial Analysis
9 Jan 2023Wolfram|Alpha as the Way to Bring Computational Knowledge Superpowers to ChatGPTAI/ML
6 Jan 2023Fintech Brain Food - The future of loyaltyAdvertising
29 Dec 2022The Tech That Will Invade Our Lives in 2023Technology Landscape
23 Dec 2022How ChatGPT actually worksAI/ML
22 Dec 2022Developing Economies: A Proven Use Case for CryptoBlockchain
19 Dec 2022The curious case of Genshin ImpactGaming
16 Dec 2022What is a Super App?Consumer
15 Dec 2022Big Ideas in Tech for 2023: An a16z OmnibusInvesting
14 Dec 2022Opportunities for insurers in a rapidly shifting insurtech marketInsurance
12 Dec 2022BConsoles and CompetitionGaming
5 Dec 2022AI HomeworkAI/ML
5 Dec 202216 former PepsiCo executives are now Fortune 500 CEOs. Here’s how the food and beverage giant became an incubator for leadersLessons
2 Dec 2022An On-Chain Look at Ethereum's Liquid Staking LandscapeBlockchain
30 Nov 2022Introducing ChatGPTAI/ML
28 Nov 2022The Buy And Hold MindsetInvesting
23 Nov 2022How retailers are reshaping the advertising industryeCommerce
22 Nov 2022#Web3for2030: How can Web3 help achieve the Sustainable Development GoalsBlockchain
17 Nov 2022The Generative AI Revolution in GamesGaming
17 Nov 2022Inside a boot camp for Chinese TikTok sellers bringing live e-commerce to the U.S.eCommerce
6 Nov 2022Connecting the dots: SaaS and altsSaaS
6 Nov 2022Creator RoyaltiesBlockchain
5 Nov 2022Updated Ethereum RoadmapBlockchain
4 Nov 2022Webinar recap: How Figma operationalizes data across their $20B PLG businessSaaS
2 Nov 2022One billion for the ambitiousInvesting
2 Nov 2022Vietnam is luring tech giants out of China with flashy infrastructure projectsEconomy
31 Oct 2022Ways to think about a metaverseTechnology Landscape
31 Oct 2022Meta MythsTechnology Landscape
29 Oct 2022Why the Future of the Computer Is Everywhere, All the TimeTechnology Landscape
27 Oct 2022Loan apps ruined their reputations. A shady online market offered to repair themLending
27 Oct 2022e-Conomy SEA 2022Economy
24 Oct 2022The 2022 McKinsey Global Payments ReportPayments
21 Oct 2022Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) Working Group launches BNPL Code of Conduct for SingaporeLending
18 Oct 2022Charted: The Rise of Mobile Device Subscriptions WorldwideTechnology Landscape
13 Oct 2022Gaming Is Booming. That’s Catnip for Cybercriminals.Gaming
11 Oct 2022Labor Department proposal could upend rules for gig workersGig Economy
10 Oct 2022Netflix vs Disney: Who’s Winning the Streaming War?Digital Media
9 Oct 2022Do not use non-GAAP metrics in equity valuationFinancial Analysis
7 Oct 2022The Fight to Cut Off the Crypto Fueling Russia’s Ukraine InvasionBlockchain
4 Oct 2022Nepal’s private equity industry is only just emerging, but there’s light at the end of the tunnelInvesting
27 Sep 2022The cost of China’s information vacuumEconomy
20 Sep 2022Indonesia’s unexpected success storyEconomy
20 Sep 2022How digital technology can accelerate food sustainabilitySustainability
19 Sep 2022The gathering storm: The transformative impact of inflation on the healthcare sectorHealthcare
19 Sep 2022Recycling data centers' heat could be an environmental win-winData Center
19 Sep 2022State of Ethereum Q3 2022Blockchain
18 Sep 2022The metaverse: Land of opportunity for retailersBlockchain
17 Sep 2022How Does the Pandemic Affect Survey Response: Using Administrative Data to Evaluate Nonresponse in the Current Population Survey Annual Social and Economic SupplementEconomy
15 Sep 2022The MergeBlockchain
15 Sep 2022MAS launches Financial Services Industry Transformation Map 2025FinTech
8 Sep 2022The Illusion of KnowledgeInvesting
7 Sep 2022Bear Repair - The Bumpy Road to RecoveryEconomy
6 Sep 2022Mitch Lasky - The Business of GamingGaming
1 Sep 2022Ethereum’s Roadmap: A Guide to The Merge and BeyondBlockchain
31 Aug 2022How can 'zero trust' help secure the operational technology environment?Cybersecurity
29 Aug 2022Will the cloud kill the data centre? Jim Chanos thinks soData Center
25 Aug 2022A borderless world: Crossplay brings gamers togetherGaming
24 Aug 2022Health care organizations turn to CFOs to help navigate disruptionHealthcare
24 Aug 2022McKinsey Technology Trends Outlook 2022Technology Landscape
22 Aug 2022How cybersecurity vendors are misrepresenting zero trustCybersecurity
18 Aug 2022Crime in the metaverse is very real. But how do we police a world with no borders or bodies?Cybersecurity
17 Aug 2022Consumer Fintech Returns to the Trend LineFinTech
17 Aug 2022Best practices for building machine learning platforms on the cloudAI/ML
16 Aug 2022Small Business are a Big Target in CybersecurityTechnology Landscape
11 Aug 2022ETH-flexiveCybersecurity
9 Aug 2022The Centaur ReportSaaS
5 Aug 2022Stung by China’s tariffs, Australian growers embrace new marketsEconomy
4 Aug 2022The future of global retail will be localeCommerce
4 Aug 2022A Comparison Of Crypto Data ProvidersBlockchain
4 Aug 2022Planned PurgeEconomy
4 Aug 2022How a Celebrity CEO’s Rule of Fear Helped Bring Down Hot Startup ZilingoseCommerce
3 Aug 2022Political ChipsTechnology Landscape
3 Aug 2022Why NFT Creators Are Going cc0Blockchain
3 Aug 2022Integrating Latin America through techTechnology Landscape
2 Aug 2022Top 6 Cybersecurity Predictions And Statistics For 2021 To 2025Cybersecurity
2 Aug 2022Benchmarks for growing health tech businessesHealthcare
2 Aug 2022Broadband subscriber growth slows to pre-pandemic levelsTechnology Landscape
30 Jul 2022The metaverse in retail: A game-changer that’s not ready yetBlockchain
30 Jul 2022If This Is a Recession, We Might Not Know for MonthsEconomy
29 Jul 2022Paradigm: LP Letter Excerpt — July 20th, 2022Blockchain
29 Jul 2022The DeanBeat: How should the game industry deal with the recession?Games
29 Jul 2022VCs Squandered Billions On Scooter Startups. Markets Think They’re Worth A PittanceTransport
29 Jul 2022Next generation play-to-earn games are here. Gamers are still skepticalGames
29 Jul 2022Cyber Industry Remains Strong Against Market DownturnsCybersecurity
28 Jul 2022Back to the trend line?eCommerce
28 Jul 2022Animation: The Rise and Fall of Popular Web Browsers Since 1994Technology Landscape
26 Jul 2022Howard Marks: I Beg to Differ
21 Jul 2022Six Qualities Every Great Startup Founder NeedsVenture Capital
20 Jul 2022The Company of the Future is Default GlobalEconomy
19 Jul 2022How to buy a hijab in JakartaFashion
19 Jul 2022HiddenLayer emerges from stealth to protect AI models from attacksCybersecurity
15 Jul 2022The US Is Slowly Transitioning From The Great Resignation To The Great ReturnEconomy
12 Jul 2022The dream is over for China’s tech workersEconomy
7 Jul 2022Is AI generation the next platform shift?
6 Jul 2022CMO Playbook for Economic Headwinds: Make Your Move Before
It’s Too Late
30 Jun 2022Four takeaways from Tencent’s annual gaming conference Spark 2022Games
30 Jun 2022EU agrees rules to tame 'Wild West' crypto marketBlockchain
29 Jun 2022The Roundup: Top Takeaways From Oaktree's Quarterly Letters - 2Q2022Economy
28 Jun 2022Finding Product Market Fit (as you start and scale)Venture Capital
28 Jun 2022The Metaverse, Blockchain Gaming, and NFTs: Navigating the Internet’s Uncharted Waters | Newzoo Trend ReportBlockchain
24 Jun 2022From China to India, Asia braces for EU plan to kill fast fashionFashion
14 Jun 2022Meet the fact-checkers decoding Sri Lanka’s meltdownEconomy
12 Jun 2022Where to use a blockchain in non-financial applications?Blockchain
11 Jun 2022The Google engineer who thinks the company’s AI has come to lifeAI/ML
6 Jun 2022Ethereum Is Making More Money Than Ever From Layer 2 Networks
6 Jun 2022Forgepoint Capital Builds First-Ever CISO Security Priorities ModelCybersecurity
4 Jun 2022Can buy now, pay later survive the cost of living crisis?FinTech
4 Jun 2022Glasses or no glasses, this year’s WWDC is all about ARAR/VR
1 Jun 2022Meta COO Sheryl Sandberg Leaves Technology Landscape
31 May 2022How Shein became China’s ‘TikTok for e-commerce’Fashion
31 May 2022There's no such thing as dataTechnology Landscape
26 May 2022Sequoia coaches start-ups to cut costs or face ‘death spiral’ amid stock market slump, bleak economic backdropTechnology Landscape
26 May 2022The Hitchhiker's Guide to EthereumBlockchain
25 May 2022Regulators are Doubling Down on CybersecurityCybersecurity
24 May 2022Crypto links with banks pose threat to financial stability, says ECBBlockchain
23 May 2022The Future of Crypto Native Consumer ProductsBlockchain
13 May 2022The Crazy Crypto Meltdown of Terra and LUNA, ExplainedBlockchain
13 May 2022How Southeast Asia’s booming recommerce market can reach the next leveleCommerce
3 May 2022Big Money Backs Tiny Loans That Lead to Debt, Despair and Even SuicideLending
25 Apr 2022Beyond Aggregation: Amazon as a Service
23 Apr 2022Big Tech’s last minute attempt to tame EU tech rulesTechnology Landscape
21 Apr 2022ApeCoin & the death of stakingBlockchain
19 Apr 2022Gartner Forecasts Worldwide Public Cloud End-User Spending to Reach Nearly $500 Billion in 2022SaaS
16 Apr 2022The Telehealth Era Is Just BeginningHealthcare
9 Apr 2022A brief history of gamingGaming
4 Apr 2022Crypto Exchange FTX Sets Up $2 Billion Venture FundMarketing
24 Mar 2022IOSCO Decentralized Finance ReportBlockchain
18 Mar 2022TV, merchant media and the unbundling of advertisingAdvertising
8 Mar 2022Analytical insights from DCF value analysisFinancial Analysis
21 Feb 2022China rolls out favorable measures for cross-border e-commerceeCommerce
17 Feb 2022Inflation bites: what it would take for Japan to get a national pay riseEconomy
8 Feb 2022Newzoo’s 2022 Trends to Watch in Games, Esports, Cloud, and the MetaverseGames
3 Feb 2022Proof of ReservesBlockchain
26 Jan 2022Vodafone Connected Consumer 2030: How smart tech will transform our worldIoT
21 Jan 2022Report: 71% jump in electric vehicle purchases projected for 2021Mobility
14 Jan 2022Crypto Exchange FTX Sets Up $2 Billion Venture FundBlockchain
6 Jan 2022Bankless 2022 PredictionsBlockchain
17 Dec 2021Digital currency use by large enterprises will grow to 20% by 2024Blockchain
7 Dec 2021An Introduction to SolanaBlockchain
6 Dec 2021Visualizing the Rise of mCommercemCommerce
6 Dec 2021The Interview: Pintu CEO Jeth Soetoyo on fueling Indonesia’s crypto capital fire
2 Dec 2021Grab and GoTo IPOs have one little problem: angry gig workersGig Economy
23 Nov 2021Cyberinsurance Market To Reach $34 Billion By 2031Cybersecurity
18 Nov 2021Forrester: Chip shortage will limit IoT growth by 10-15% in 2022IoT
17 Nov 2021Apple decides you should be able to repair your own device, after allReseller
9 Nov 2021MAS and Industry to Pilot Digital Platforms for Better Data to Support Green FinanceBlockchain
26 Oct 2021JP Morgan, DBS blockchain payment platform Partior launches first pilotBlockchain
23 Sep 2021Germany’s election: a new era of uncertain coalition politicsPolitics
16 Aug 2021Xi Jinping’s assault on tech will change China’s trajectoryTechnology Landscape
2 Aug 2021Gartner Says Four Trends Are Shaping the Future of Public CloudSaaS
27 Jul 2021Tiger Global: the technology investor ruffling Silicon Valley feathersInvesting
12 Jul 2021Rethinking Portfolios: A Visual Guide to Direct IndexingInvesting
5 Jul 2021Timeline: Key Events in the History of Online ShoppingeCommerce
28 Apr 2021Spotify’s SurpriseDigital Media
12 Apr 2021A Guide to the UK Regulations for Cryptoasset Businesses
23 Mar 2021A leap for art, a lifeline for artists: SE Asia’s burgeoning cryptoart movementBlockchain
9 Mar 2021Inside Israel’s lucrative — and secretive —cybersurveillance industryCybersecurity
3 Mar 2021Which Streaming Service Has the Most Subscriptions?Streaming
25 Feb 2021Started as Yelp and turned into DoorDash, Zomato’s decade-long journey to IPOFood Delivery
18 Feb 2021ICO Market Report 2019/2020 – Performance Analysis of 2019's Initial Coin OfferingsBlockchain
17 Feb 2021Paying for newsMedia
11 Feb 2021China re-commerce faces tug of war between growth and trusteCommerce
8 Feb 2021BI-FAST or be dead: The consequences of Indonesia’s new real-time payments systemPayments
6 Feb 2021Is big tech now just too big to stomach?Technology Landscape
6 Feb 2021Retail, rent and things that don't scaleLogistics
3 Feb 2021Mirror vs Synthetix? How About TerraBlockchain
2 Feb 2021Fawry’s market cap swells to over USD 2 billionDigibank
2 Feb 2021Stock Market Bubble?Economy
1 Feb 2021Bringing ethical awareness to data extraction practicesTechnology Landscape
26 Jan 2021ARK Invest - Big Ideas 2021Technology Landscape
14 Jan 2021Not enough room on the digital ark for Indonesia’s sinking banksDigibank
12 Jan 2021Internet 3.0 and the Beginning of (Tech) History
Technology Landscape
11 Jan 2021India’s high-income households fuel new, unique brands: Q&A with VS Kannan Sitaram, Fireside VenturesIndia
8 Jan 2021It’s Time to Heal: 16 Trends Driving the Future of Bio and HealthcareHealthcare
29 Dec 2020App Tracking Transparency Codex: the ultimate guide to ATT, IDFA deprecation, and SKAdNetworkAdvertising
29 Dec 20209 trends in enterprise database technologyEnterprise
26 Dec 2020Sprawling IoT networks enhance China’s urban spaces: Inside China’s StartupsIoT
21 Dec 2020Platforms, bundling and kill zonesTechnology Landscape
18 Dec 2020A Year in Fintech in 50 WordsFinTech
14 Dec 2020GudangAda streamlines FMCG supply chains in Indonesia: Startup Stories
1 Dec 2020Indian SaaS startups to capture 7-9% global market share by 2022: BainSaaS
30 Nov 2020Singapore to open payment rails to major non-bank financial firms from Feb 2021Payments
24 Nov 2020Top takeaways from VCs in India from 2020 | KrASIA Year in ReviewIndia
22 Nov 2020Anne Munition interview — Why diversity matters in gaming and streamingGames
20 Nov 2020What Makes Indonesia a Good Market to Venture IntoIndonesia
3 Nov 2020Indonesian logistics platform Logisly raises $6 million Series A to digitize truck shipmentsLogistics
3 Nov 2020From ‘Fall Guys’ to ‘Among Us,’ How America Turned to Videogames Under LockdownGames
26 Oct 2020Uable cultivates life skills and imagination in India’s schoolchildren: Startup StoriesEdTech
24 Oct 2020Indonesia’s street-side eateries to become the next sector to digitizeSMEs
16 Oct 2020Understanding term sheets in SE AsiaVenture Capital
9 Oct 2020Thirteen most profitable digital banks in Asia Pacific upped earnings by 49% in 2019Digibank
29 Sep 2020Collective launches to be the ultimate ‘back office’ platform for freelancersGig Economy
12 Sep 2020Why niche SaaS scales so wellSaaS
11 Sep 2020Realizing the Promise:
How can education technology improve learning for all?
28 Aug 2020In Defense of the IPO, and How to Improve ItVenture Capital
25 Aug 2020How to create a challenger bank …Digibank
18 Aug 2020The ecommerce surgeeCommerce
6 Aug 2020Announcing the YC Startup LibraryVenture Capital
6 Aug 2020From Seed to Series AVenture Capital
29 Jul 2020Growth+Sales: The New Era of Enterprise Go-to-MarketStrategy
27 Jul 2020How Does Apple Pay Work (A Technical Guide)FinTech
25 Jul 2020Coronavirus stalks Southeast Asia’s once-thriving unicornsTechnology Landscape
25 Jul 2020Why all great games need a product visionGames
23 Jul 2020Riiid raises $41.8 million to expand its AI test prep appsEdTech
21 Jul 2020India, Jio, and the Four InternetsFinTech
18 Jul 2020Catching up on ESG standards: How do Chinese companies perform in social investing?Impact Investing
6 Jul 2020Banking’s Delusions Of Digital Transformation
6 Jul 2020Payfazz gets $53 million to give more Indonesians access to financial servicesFinTech
20 Jun 2020Product Work Beyond Product-Market FitProduct
10 Jun 2020Sunday, a Strong Contender in the General Insurance industryInsureTech
9 Jun 2020TokenSetsBlockchain
8 Jun 2020Vietnam planning its own ‘Silicon Valley’ in Ho Chi Minh CityVietnam
28 May 2020Moats Before (Gross) MarginsLessons
18 May 2020The first Vision Fund is officially done investingVenture Capital
15 May 2020Chief value officers and ESG investors: What could green finance look like in the new normal?Impact Investing
14 May 2020Sustainable finance is performing well in the pandemic—but why?Impact Investing
14 May 2020The COVID-19 recovery will be digital: A plan for the first 90 daysTechnology Landscape
8 May 2020The curse of VC money and unsustainable growth in consumer startupsVenture Capital
5 May 2020Sequoia India, Alpha JWC Lead Latest Online Marketplace FundingeCommerce
25 Apr 2020Covid-19 has blown apart the myth of Silicon Valley innovationEconomy
24 Apr 2020Beyond Meat enters China via Starbucks partnershipAgriTech
18 Apr 2020a16z - It's time to build
31 Mar 2020SMB loans platform Kabbage to furlough a ‘significant’ number of staff, close office in Bangalore
30 Mar 2020Air Doctor scores $7.8M to connect travellers with local doctorsHealthcare
23 Mar 2020Cybersecurity startup Horangi nabs US$20M Series B led by Provident GrowthCybersecurity
20 Mar 2020Yuval Noah Harari: the world after coronavirusEconomy
16 Mar 2020The Implications of Hitting the Hard 0% Interest Rate FloorEconomy
5 Mar 2020Coronavirus: The Black Swan of 2020Economy
2 Mar 2020Default, fraud turn Indonesia’s digital lenders into unlikely collaboratorsIndonesia
27 Feb 2020SAFE Notes Vs. Convertible NotesVenture Capital
25 Feb 2020How China is using QR code apps to contain Covid-19Payments
21 Feb 2020Second-hand shopping takes off on Chinese apps
6 Feb 2020Here Are The Contenders to Singapore’s Digital Banking RaceDigibank
5 Feb 2020Xinja Bank reaches $100 million deposit milestone in less than 19 daysDigibank
25 Jan 2020Tech in 2020: Standing on the shoulders of giantsTechnology Landscape
21 Jan 2020Challenger business bank Qonto raises $115 million round led by Tencent and DST GlobalDigibank
16 Jan 2020Coding classes for kids are everywhere, but they might be in troubleEdTech
13 Jan 2020China suspends further electric vehicle subsidy cuts in 2020: ministryMobility
6 Jan 2020As agritech startups look to unlock Indonesia’s farming potential, one startup is leading the pack
8 Jan 2020Vietnam’s digital economy gets supercharged
2 Jan 20202019 in Review: Another Year of Highs and Lows for CryptoBlockchain
2 Jan 2020Five Southeast Asian startups working towards a more inclusive worldImpact Investing
2 Jan 2020Jack Ma’s Ant Financial Joins Singapore Digital Banking Race
2 Jan 2020Razer Joins Singapore’s Digital Banking RaceDigibank
30 Dec 2019Grab, Singtel Team Up on Singapore Digital Bank License BidDigibank
27 Dec 2019Early-stage investments doubled in India in 2019: Innoven Capital reportVenture Capital
24 Dec 2019Electric-Truck Maker Rivian Raises $1.3 Billion in New FundingTransport
24 Dec 2019U.S. Dethroned as Cashless Leader in 2020Payments
23 Dec 2019Mastercard acquires security assessment startup, RiskReconPayments
19 Dec 2019Vietnamese ecommerce startup Telio snaps up $25m in series A roundeCommerce
17 Dec 2019Singapore’s Vertex Growth leads USD 30 million round in Indian O2O meat startup Licious (Update)AgriTech
16 Dec 2019If data is the new oil, PhonePe is building massive refineries of its own Payments
16 Dec 2019The Guide To Crushing Enterprise SalesEnterprise
14 Dec 20192019 AI Index reportAI/ML
14 Dec 2019Wearable band shipments grew globally, driven by XiaomiWearables
13 Dec 2019Paytm secures $660m in new funding roundPayments
12 Dec 2019Who Will Be the Ultimate Winner of Asia Pacific’s Virtual Banking Race?Digibank
12 Dec 2019Robinhood lets you invest as little as 1 cent in any stockWealth
3 Dec 2019Vietnam’s emerging edtech startupsEdTech
2 Dec 2019Accel closes new $550M fund for IndiaVenture Capital
28 Nov 2019Ant Financial’s Xiang Hu Bao gains 100 million users, supporting about 12,000 patientsInsureTech
27 Nov 2019Asia Partners 2019 ReportTechnology Landscape
21 Nov 2019Why Indonesia needs to upgrade data infrastructure as digital services grow exponentiallyDigital Infrastructure
20 Nov 2019SMEs will push Southeast Asian digital finance market to $60 billion by 2025SMEs
17 Nov 2019The underdogs of Southeast Asia’s fintech scene: Early StageFinTech
13 Nov 2019China’s first digital bank WeBank rolls out new consumption loan product on Tencent Video appDigibank
5 Nov 2019Alipay is now accessible to overseas visitors coming to ChinaPayments
28 Oct 2019Crowde made a cashless network for farmers in Indonesia’s agriculture sector: Startup StoriesAgriculture
27 Oct 2019Digitizing the pet industry: Early StagePet
21 Oct 2019Asia set to eclipse US as world’s venture capital powerhouseVenture Capital
18 Oct 2019Indian startups quicken their pace to become unicornsIndia
11 Oct 2019The world's largest offshore wind farm is nearly complete. It can power 1 million homesSustainability
9 Oct 2019How FreightAmigo is shaking up the sleepy world of logistics to bring it online Expedia-styleLogistics
3 Oct 2019Logisly optimizes trucking in Indonesia with tech: Startup StoriesLogistics
2 Oct 2019Exploring Singapore’s burgeoning health tech sceneHealthcare
24 Sep 2019Singapore’s insurtech Axinan expands its reach to the PhilippinesInsureTech
24 Sep 2019From ‘Made in China’ to ‘Designed in China’, world factory turns into fashion trendsetterFashion
7 Aug 2019Larry Cermak: ICOs were a massive bubble that's unlikely to ever see a recoveryBlockchain
15 Aug 2019Vietnam Tech Investment - H1 2019Vietnam
12 Aug 2019Douyu and Huya are duking it out in billion-dollar race to become China’s Amazon TwitchGames
1 Aug 2019How startup technologies are helping solve environment issues in Southeast Asia
16 Jul 2019The emergence of gig economy in Southeast Asia
Gig Economy
26 Jun 2019The up and coming FoodTech startups of Southeast AsiaAgriTech
19 Jun 2019China to lose its crown as the world’s biggest gaming market to the US due to impact of approvals freezeGames
13 Jun 2019‘Queen of internet’ Mary Meeker says short-form video apps now drive online usage in ChinaTechnology Landscape
11 Jun 2019Internet Trends 2019 (Mary Meeker)Technology Landscape